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All of the hectares farmed under Armston Farm are in an Entry Level Scheme and the Higher Level Scheme.

Wild life is flourishing on our farm. We have nesting Barn owls and breeding English Partridge, combining modern agriculture and the environment. New hedges have been planted, ponds rejuvenated and 6 meter field margins created. Wild bird seeds are planted providing for birds in the winter, when food is scarce. Wild flower mixes have also been seeded to benefit insects across the farm.

We have different hedge row heights around the farm, to benefit wild life, short hedges for Yellow Hammers and tall hedges for Turtle Doves.

We have been a LEAF(Linking Environment and Farming) member for a number of years, practising integrated farm management. Efficient production of wholesome food can be combined with care of nature. Everything we do on this farm is the result of careful decision making with thought of quality, profitability and the environment.